Midwest Dry Cast assembled a team to bring a new kind of livestock building flooring slat to the industry. Years of research and study throughout the U.S. and Europe gleaned the concept for a five-inch dry cast, not wet cast, slat. This new formulation has been tested for over a year in the elements of a hog building. The results are exciting for durability, strength, and consistency.

Manager Aaron Waldner brings over 13 years of equipment expertise as well as a lifetime in livestock production to the team. He was raised in South Dakota and then worked his way up at SDI Manufacturing during his time there. He understands livestock operations and what producers need to build the best building to produce the best livestock.

After all the research, the team looked for real concrete expertise and landed on Beton Consulting Engineers. Their years of experience in formulating the strongest and most durable concrete specialized for each job they tackled made them the perfect group to help develop this new product line. Their national experience in sourcing products to make the best concrete has proven to be invaluable to Midwest Dry Cast.